Merry Christmas!


Harper’s Bazaar December 1992, Kate Moss by Patrick Demarchelier

Merry Christmas everyone!

I can’t believe the year is nearly over. Time sure flies fast, I really can’t believe that it’s going to be 2017 soon.

We all know that the year wasn’t that great, but because it’s Christmas, we should at least think about the positive side about the year and be grateful about it. We should be grateful for this year and for being alive; let us think about the positive things rather about the year than dwell on the negative things. Of course, we must also pray for those who can’t enjoy Christmas at the moment, such as those living in war-torn countries and those who are suffering due to sickness, poverty, etc.. 

Even though I’m not home right now, I’m very glad I’m spending Christmas with very good friends of mine. They’re almost like family to me. Being in a foreign place can feel lonely, so I’m glad I have my friends with me right now.

Yesterday on Christmas Eve, I spent the entire day with friends. I spent my morning with the family of my friends. They asked another friend of ours to take a family portrait of them which lasted the whole morning, and I was there as a guest as well as the assistant of the photographer. Then for lunchtime, I had a buffet lunch at Escolta in the Peninsula Hotel with a group of expat friends since we’re pretty much alone here in Manila. For dinner, another friend prepared a meal for us and invited us over to her home for Christmas Eve dinner with her family. Today, I was invited by the same group of friends for lunch at their home. We just had a small, intimate get together since we’re usually so busy due to work. 

I did all of this with my leg immobilised and with the help of a crutch, quite funny and awkward, but I had fun nonetheless. I sometimes find it kind of awkward when friends invite me over for Christmas dinner since I’m an outsider, but at least I’m not the only friend there; I had another friend along with me who is also an expat and whose family is back in Europe. They’re really friendly anyway so at least the atmosphere doesn’t seem too tense. I don’t really feel lonely spending holidays such as Christmas and New Year alone anyway since I’m an introvert, and I usually chat and Skype with my mom (although the time difference is a big challenge). 

I’m just spending the rest of the day alone at my apartment. There isn’t really much to do or see anymore other than to go to the mall, which I’m sure is full of people right now. Manila isn’t exactly a very interesting or fun city (unless you have tons of money for shopping and eating). I guess I’m just going to rest for now and binge-watch the third season of Borgen. 

Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar


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