I’m Mathias, an expat and a blogger currently living in Makati, Philippines. I started this blog on September 17, 2016, when I just decided to take a chance and start blogging. I never really thought about being a blogger before, but the idea of being one crossed my mind while I was watching Sex and the City. I thought, “If Carrie were to still be a writer in the year 2016, surely she would’ve become a blogger by now.” I had this crazy idea of starting one for myself but I’ve only kept the idea in my head for weeks until I finally got the courage to start my own blog. 

This blog is about:

Travel, food, art, life, yoga, random thoughts, etc.. Anything that comes to mind that I want to write about.

I want the main topic of my blog to be about travel because I extremely love travelling. Travel is my lifelong passion, and as cliché as it may sound, my dream in life is to travel the world before I die. I love adventurous food and cuisine, and I really enjoy being immersed and learning about different cultures other than my own. When I travel, I don’t like joining tours because it gives you a very synthetic experience of the place. I prefer a personal adventure when you go with the locals rather than with the hordes of tourists. The only problem is that I don’t exactly have the funds or the time to be a full-time travel blogger, so I’ll be blogging about other things as well in addition to travel. 

I also love the arts, which in my definition isn’t limited to painting and sculpting alone. I consider everything that serves as a medium of self-expression an art form, whether that be film, photography, fashion, architecture, etc.. I’m not very good in writing about art though, especially since I’ve never actually taken formal classes regarding art theory or art criticism, therefore I can’t actually say much other than my personal opinions. Don’t expect my articles regarding the arts to be very insightful, as I have yet to learn more about art theory.

I’m also a yogi, and I’ve been practicing ashtanga yoga since March 2015; I love not only the asana practice but the philosophical and spiritual dimensions of yoga as well. In addition to that, I’m also interested wellness and health.

Charity and advocacies are also extremely important for me, especially those that fight for human rights and environmental conservation.

Random things about me:

I’m not from Makati but I’ve been living here since 2015. I transferred due to work, so my stay is rather temporary and I’m not exactly sure when I will transfer again to a different city. I’ve been to a lot of places and have lived in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Beijing, Paris, Tokyo, and New York throughout my life. I want to live in Zürich, Vienna, Copenhagen, or Munich in the future. 

I don’t have a dream job as of now, but they often revolve around the arts. So it could be working in the Swedish or Danish film industry (and hopefully winning multiple Guldbagge and Bodil awards); working as a magazine editor for a successful travel magazine; owning my own magazine or website; being an executive in LVMH or Richemont; or even working in a company related to travel, like Star Alliance or Aman Resorts. 

I’m very opinionated, so I might say some things that you might not like or agree with, and that’s ok.

I’m introverted, socially awkward and I come off as weird most of the time.

I’m a millennial, and I can’t relate to most people in my age group. I hate/get annoyed with/don’t understand:

  • Pretentious hipster culture
  • “Artsy”-ness
  • Social media famous people 
  • The way millennials use the word “aesthetic”
  • The irony of millennial conformity when they think they’re being so unique
  • Snapchat

Not directly linked to millennials, but of course I hate bigotry as well. I’m a very liberal person.

People often call me an “old soul” which I take as a compliment. My favourite eras are between the 30s-90s. The things from the past that I love are:

  • The old Hollywood era when famous people used to be talented and classy.
  • 90s grunge in music and fashion.
  • Everything before the decade 2010 in fashion when it used to be an art form.

Other things you should know:

I’m not a writer, so please don’t have such high expectations for my blog. My articles definitely won’t be literary pieces. 

Also, I will never promote a brand or a product that I dislike just because they paid me money. Everything in my blog is my honest opinion, regardless if it’s good or bad. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and read my blog. Welcome and enjoy!

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