The Price of Good Health

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Christy Turlington by Arthur Elgort for American Vogue, December 1992

I’m really annoyed at how good health has somewhat become a privilege nowadays. Is it only the rich who are worthy of being healthy? Even though I want to be healthy and I want to buy products that are organic and sustainable, or even fruits and vegetables, I get baffled by the crazy prices. Sometimes I honestly can’t believe that healthy products like those are being sold at an incredibly price whereas junk is made accessible to the masses. Since when has it become more expensive for farmers not to spend on fertilisers and pesticide, and why is it now more expensive to buy fresh fruit than to buy factory made meat products that contain unnatural substances?

Just because we as consumers are now more willing to spend more for our good health, this does not make it excusable for big businesses and corporations to exploit that and create overpriced products. As much as possible, of course I’d like to buy food that are healthy, but how can I really justify buying a salad with organic ingredients that costs three times more than a salad with conventionally farmed ingredients? Same thing with the price difference between meat dishes and vegetable dishes in restaurants, since when has meat become more expensive than a salad?

I wouldn’t mind buying something that’s more expensive if it meant that the farmers and workers are paid fairly, but there’s a difference between buying a product that’s more expensive due to fair wages as opposed to buying something that’s too overpriced. It makes me question the motives of the company as to whether their intention really is to help us consumers become healthier. For many, they make their products overpriced because they know that people are willing to spend for it in the first place. It’s ridiculous that companies take advantage of us for their own gain and benefit.

For example, yoga used to be something that was taught for free in Hindu temples, and now yoga classes, regardless of it being authentic or not, are charging their students a hefty sum of money. I wouldn’t mind paying an independent yoga studio a fee that’s more expensive than others if they are really good and authentic, because I also understand that rent is also crazy expensive; but I wouldn’t want to pay a hefty sum to yoga studio chains that are earning much more money anyway from their unauthentic fitness-centric workouts they brand as “yoga”. 

I understand that the world we live in right now is a terrible capitalist world, and this really has to stop. To turn good health into a privilege is beyond ridiculous. I just hope that maybe in the future, maybe organic farming and healthy food will become the norm, rather than a trend, so it could become more accessible for the rest of us. But for now, many of us are struggling to be as healthy as we wish to be, and this fault lies in capitalists who take advantage of us. 

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