My Love Affair With Carbs


Natasha Poly by Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris December 2004/January 2005

Pasta, pizza, croissants, potato chips, french fries, bring it on! I love carbs and nobody can stop me. I love eating carbs in all its gluten-filled glory. 

Why has it suddenly become taboo in society to talk about our love of carbs? Carbs and gluten have become our society’s equivalent of a plague. It seems like once you publicly admit to liking carbs, people suddenly treat you as an inferior. There is just so much judgement to the point where it has become ridiculous! My body, my rules. You can’t judge me for loving bread or pasta. I don’t really care about people accusing me about being unhealthy unless they are doctors.

Sure carbs are “unhealthy”, which is why I still try my best to eat whole wheat as much as possible; and even though I love french fries and potato chips, I still eat those in moderation. I try to eat a balanced diet as well, it’s not carbs every time. I’m not obese, nor do I have any major health problems, so I’m just enjoying these kinds of food because I can. When I do eat pasta or pizza though, I make sure to choose the healthier alternatives over the greasy, commercial varieties.

Although I know that simple carbohydrates are unhealthy, it becomes too ridiculous when normal people not suffering from celiac disease (99% of the population) stress out about having a gluten-free diet. Obviously it’s understandable if you have to avoid gluten because it affects your health, but if it doesn’t, then it’s annoying. Case in point, when those unnecessary dietary restrictions ruin lunches and dinners with your friends and families. Again, it’s not in my place to judge, but that’s how I honestly feel about being with people who are extremely conscious of that; I never want to go out with them because it’s so hard to decide on a restaurant that caters to their meticulous conditions. I personally don’t really buy into these health fads because the reason why these exist in the first place is for businessmen to take advantage of these trends. The gluten free food available on the market, as well as restaurants catering to that audience, are clearly overpriced, and corporations still continue doing this because they know that people are willing to spend a lot for the sake of “good health” due to the media’s sensationalisation of gluten. 

I find it incredibly annoying when those extremely health-conscious people I find mostly in the gym become really judgemental about your carb and gluten filled diet. It’s even more disappointing when those kinds of people are in “yoga” studios (thank God there are none of those in my current one). At least us carb eaters get to enjoy life food more because of the delicious food we eat in moderation. 

All I can say is, judge me all you want, I’ll just be happily eating my pasta while you’re at it.  Enjoy your portioned, gluten free, organic, vegan, $100 meals. 

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