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Based on my bio, I’m sure most of you already know that the idea of being a blogger popped into my head while watching Sex and the City. Don’t you think Carrie would be a blogger now in this day and age rather than a columnist for a newspaper? I certainly think so, and apparently so do a lot of other people. I know people still read newspapers and magazines, but blogs are on the rise and print is (supposedly) dying out. I honestly believe that nothing can ever replace magazines or newspapers, but personally, I do read them online now rather than buy them. First, because it’s free, and second, because it’s more eco-friendly since it uses way less resources that negatively impact the environment. Besides, it’s not like there are any fashion magazines now that are still worth buying in print for the photography itself. Although I do still have print issues of Vogue Italia that I managed to find in second-hand bookstores. I never liked print newspapers very much though. I always thought they were too big (since I’m so tiny) and I hate the newspaper smell.

If you compare being a columnist vs. being a blogger, I think I’d personally read a personal blog over a column. Why? Because columnists don’t have full autonomy over their writing. Columns are still affiliated with certain newspapers or magazines, so I’m sure that they become edited one way or another. While I’m not against editing if it’s regarding the grammar, I’m completely against editing if it ends up diluting the opinion of the writer. Obviously newspapers and magazines love to save face from their advertisers and clients, so they would never dare have an article that writes something negative about a client. Why do you think American Vogue never ever seems to post a bad review of a fashion show? Nor do they ever write negative or critical pieces on present day influencers/famous people/whatever you call them talentless trash. Columns still go through some form of censorship, but in a blog, the writer has full autonomy which grants him or her complete freedom over opinion. I think that’s the whole appeal of the blog in the first place; that’s what appealed to me. The problem with blogs (and vlogs) nowadays though is that it’s becoming more commercial as well, so bloggers are also starting to write “I love it” bullsh*t to appease clients.

I never really saw the appeal of vlogs very much. I don’t plan on starting a vlog anytime soon as well because I’m hate being on camera. As a viewer, I don’t really like watching vlogs very much either, I prefer reading blogs. It’s true that vlogs are a lot more visual, which is the main appeal, but they’re not usually as descriptive as blogs. Take for example, if a travel blogger or vlogger would post a piece about their trip; in a vlog, we would often just see how the place looks (together with music) and that’s it, but reading a blog usually allows us to read about the blogger’s take and opinions of a place. But then again, it’s hard to generalise because I’m sure there are also times when that can be opposite on both ends. I haven’t seen any, but I’m sure there are vloggers who are very descriptive, and I have seen travel blogs that don’t post much but pictures. Personally, I prefer something that’s descriptive rather than visual. I’m not criticising people who prefer or practice the latter, I’m simply stating my subjective opinion. I asked some millennials why they prefer vlogs over blogs, and they said it was because they found blogs tiring to read. I found their answer extremely funny; I’m trying not be judgmental, but that’s such a typical millennial answer. I also prefer travel TV shows over vlogs, especially Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. It manages to blend together both the descriptive element together with the visual element. I also love Anthony Bourdain and his humour and frankness, so I find Parts Unknown extremely entertaining.

The types of travel media that I currently look at are magazine articles, blogs, and TV shows. I don’t exactly have a favourite out of the three as long as it gives off ample amounts of both description and visual aid. If it makes me dream and sparks my wanderlust, then I’m really not complaining.

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