When Hate Won In America


I feel really disappointed, confused, angry, disgruntled, saddened…

This is how I feel after hearing the terrible news about Trump winning the elections. How can people be so stupid to actually vote for a hateful, racist, misogynist, homophobic, unexperienced bigot to become a leader of a country? And they call themselves the Land of the Free? The greatest country in the world? Maybe America used to be great, but it doesn’t seem that way now that an idiot runs it.

Just as idiotic as Trump are the people who actually voted for him. Their fear and hate towards people won over their rationality. They hate ethnic minorities, homosexuals, Muslims, and other qualities that don’t conform to the “normal” and “average” (caucasian) American. It’s really sad seeing humankind’s potential at the very worst. 

What I’m also equally fearful about is the possibility of hate crime rising. When we see a person like Trump being hailed by the people as the most powerful person in the world, it makes people think that being like him is totally fine. They are able to justify being hateful and bigoted because the president is like that anyway. I’m really scared for the lives of ethnic minorities and homosexuals in America now. Trump’s presidency might inspire further (gun related) hate crimes towards those who oppressed, and that’s what scares me a lot. What more, it could also inspire those other crazy people in Europe to vote for the fascist parties, which could ultimately lead to a global disaster.

I don’t really know what to say anymore, in fact I don’t know if I even have much to say. I’m just too speechless about the whole damn thing. All we can do for now is to pray for a better future…



  1. It’s beyond terrifying. Hate crimes, violence and racist attacks have already started, and this only day two.

    You’re right-pray is all we can do. But I have faith in Millenials and how strong we’re going to be as a country when we get through this…if we get through this…

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