Halloween? No Thank You

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Agyness Deyn by Tim Walker for Love Magazine S/S 2015

I never really understood the appeal of Halloween very much for some reason. I guess most people enjoy it because they find it fun to dress up and party, but that’s not really my definition of fun. I don’t really enjoy dressing up in costumes, and I dislike going to parties even more (my social awkwardness stands in the way). Unlike most people, I just enjoy spending Halloween like any other day; in my house, with my laptop, blogging, reading blogs or articles, or watching films. 

I can’t imagine going to a party being dressed up in a costume. I mean, I would feel really embarrassed being in one. I don’t really know who I would dress up as anyway since most of my favourite fictional characters are pretty much in the real world. Saga Noren? Claire Underwood? Birgitte Nyborg? It wouldn’t exactly seem very “cool” to dress up as them as a Halloween costume, and nobody would get it. To have the same personal style would be cool (especially Claire’s), but it would seem weird as a costume. In my case, it would have to be in drag, so that’s a costume, but I don’t do drag. DCI John Luther? That would still be boring. A Song of Ice and Fire or Star Wars would be better, but nope, it’s still not my thing. Heidi Klum has really incredible costumes every year, but I’m sure it’s all thanks to her professional hair and makeup team (not hating, just saying! I don’t hate you Heidi). 

I know Halloween is really a big deal to a lot of people, especially in American culture. I was in New York on October 2013, and I was astounded by the beautiful Halloween decorations outside the buildings. I can’t believe people actually took the time to decorate their house and carve pumpkins and all. I think carved pumpkins are really cool by the way, that’s probably one of the things I like about Halloween. How do people manage to do those intricate pumpkin carvings? I saw a really cool one with a Darth Maul design on Instagram the other day (sorry I forgot the link! But as a compensation, here’s the Google search).

What about you guys? What are your thoughts on Halloween?

Photo courtesy of fashioncow.com


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