The Stray Puppy


Freja and I went along with a friend of ours to one of his warehouses in the city. Inside the warehouse was this poor puppy we found. It was thin, hungry and shivering due to the rain.

It was incredibly sad seeing this adorable puppy struggling to stay alive. It’s obvious that it isn’t being taken care of properly, yet it also seems like the animal is being owned by someone, evident by the scarf tied around its neck. What kind of owners leave their dogs around a warehouse and treat them like this?

We asked the workers in the warehouse if the puppy is being taken care of, and of course they said yes. I don’t usually like throwing accusations and pointing fingers at people, but the animals is clearly NOT BEING TAKEN CARE OF. The puppy was pitifully weak and  frail, which made him/her look even smaller than usual. It was shivering which obviously meant that it felt cold as well, probably due to malnutrition. As Freja pointed out, it also seems like the puppy is filled with scars from injuries and cuts it probably had just wandering around a warehouse like that. We didn’t have any food or water with us so we did our best to help the puppy out. We found a t-shirt on the ground so we used it as a blanket to make the puppy warm; we also stroked its head since it obviously needs much more love and care. Freja also has a dog, and as much as she wanted to adopt this poor puppy, she couldn’t because she still has that one dog and two other kids to take care of. As much as we wanted to hand it over to an animal shelter, there aren’t any here in the Philippines.

The sad thing is that this is actually a pretty common sight here in the Philippines. The country doesn’t exactly have any pet shelters or organisations that focus on animal welfare; as quick as it is to judge, do keep in mind that the Philippines is also a really poor country, and a lot of people living here are living in similar conditions as the dogs in the streets. Sounds harsh, but that’s the reality of the lives of most people in poverty-stricken Philippines. The country has far worse problems to think of aside from animal rights, such as human rights, environmental conservation, corruption, crime, the economy, etc. (which all boils down to corruption since politicians are stealing the tax money of the citizens).

There’s not much we can do now about the puppy sadly. It might end up dying from starvation or disease or it might even get run over by cars. I just hope that it will be taken care off and not suffer any longer…



    • Yes I agree, it would be great if there would finally be a well known animal shelter in the country. I’m sure there are (very few) privately owned shelters, but I’m not exactly sure how good they are in terms of how well they care for the dogs. In fact, there are currently no prominent ones in the country, I can’t even think of any. Also, there are way too many stray dogs in the Philippines (it’s an archipelago, not an island, by the way) to take care of most of them.

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  1. yea it’s hard if there are so many stray dogs :/ but doing nothing isn’t really helping either, so I’m glad that there are shelters in these countries, at least some have a roof above their head 🙂 it’s hard even thinking about how many stray dogs there actually are

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