108 Restaurant


I know I’m quite late with the news, but I just recently found out that René Redzepi has opened a new restaurant in Copenhagen that’s both delicious AND AFFORDABLE. OH MY GOD I really can’t stop freaking out about this wonderful news! 

Although he’s not the one cooking himself, it absolutely doesn’t mean it’s no good. I haven’t eaten there because I’m not in Copenhagen right now sadly, but the reviews of this restaurant have been very excellent. 

Eating in Noma has definitely been in my bucket list for such a long time, but now I’m glad to know that there’s 108 which could be (almost) just as satisfying and not make me homeless. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying I don’t want to eat in Noma anymore (even though it’s closing! NOOOOO), but at least there’s a cheaper alternative to it.  

It’s headed by chef Kristian Baumann who used to be a chef back in Noma. He’s the co-owner along with Redzepi himself. He’s now 29 years old, but he started being an apprentice in Noma since he was 19. How cool is that?


It’s really cool that Baumann had the courage to open up a new restaurant for himself. I’m very happy for him. I really do hope that this restaurant will make him another big name in the culinary scene. 

The food looks and sounds REALLY delicious, and seems to be the usual New Nordic type of cuisine (gosh I miss Nordic cuisine…).  Here are some photos I got from various websites of the delicious food they serve. I’m getting so hungry just looking at the photos…

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It seems like the kind of restaurant that would have a really long waiting list, but apparently that’s not their style. The idea of this restaurant is to be something casual, unlike Noma which is really exclusive and luxurious. That is also why their food is also very affordable. According to Bloomberg, they serve “accessible dishes starting below 100 kroner”.

The interiors are really beautiful as well. It has a very industrial and modern Scandinavian chicness to it which I love (and miss) so much. 

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I really can’t wait to go to Copenhagen and eat in this new restaurant. I just wish I’d have enough money to for my plane fare, accommodation, etc., and of course, enough money to eat here and try everything! (Ok not everything because that’s not realistic, but at least one dish per course).

108 is located in Strandgade 108, København, Danmark.

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