Self Service F/W 2016


I end up having a major fanboy moment every time I see Raquel Zimmermann working with Inez & Vinoodh again. Well actually, I have a fanboy moment every time I see Raquel Zimmermann, period, because she is no doubt one of the best models from the last decade. But there’s something about her together with Inez & Vinoodh that just… works. I don’t really know how to explain it in full detail, but they just work together extremely well. I mean yeah, we all know that Raquel fits perfectly in every photo she’s ever in, that’s the reason why she’s such a good model in the first place, but she’s just perfect with Inez & Vinoodh, as if they were made to work with one another. Who can forget their AMAZING (worthy of all caps) editorial for Vogue Paris’ November 2011 issue? *Sigh, gone are the days when Vogue Paris used to actually be good* Nobody else can compliment Inez & Vinoodh’s photographs as much as Raquel can! Maybe except Gisele Bündchen and Daria Werbowy. 

The issue has two covers actually, the second one being Charlotte Rampling (I’m a big fan of her too!) photographed by Juergen Teller. It’s just ok, I’ve seen them do a lot better. I don’t know, maybe it’s the angle or the cropping, or the fact that the photo is too close to her face, but I wouldn’t say it’s a really good magazine cover. 


Regardless, the accompanying editorials are great! I’m not such a big fan of Self Service in general, but I trust the photographers and the models (by models I also mean Charlotte) very much. Here are some of the photos from the Raquel editorial that are already posted on The Fashion Spot.

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The other editorials are pretty boring, the usual “youth” type editorials where models pretty much just stand and make blank faces. They used to do editorials like that in the 90s as well, although it was done a lot more skilfully, in terms of the production as a whole. 

The other editorial they had with David Sims is pretty ok too. I’m not exactly a fan of his (especially of his current work), but I think this editorial is quite different from his current boring editorials with American Vogue and Vogue Paris, which is good. This editorial isn’t exactly excellent, but good enough. I like the surrealism in the photographs. 

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I love the title as well: The New Femininity. Charlotte Rampling has a really cool personal style that revolves a lot on suits and other menswear-style clothing. Very chic and modern. Alastair McKimm and Bay Garnett’s styling of the covers are totally on point, especially the one in Raquel’s cover! I wonder where those sunglasses are from? I just noticed those things dangling from the sides of the glasses, they look pretty cool. As for their clothing, Raquel is wearing Balenciaga and Charlotte is wearing Gucci.

Photos courtesy of and The Fashion Spot.


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