Bron/Broen Season 2 Finale



I couldn’t stop crying after finishing Season 2 last night (I know, I’m very late in the show). First, Pernille died, then Martin killed Jens and got arrested, and… it was really way too much for me emotionally. Bro/Broen is one of my favourite shows of all time, and as usual, I got emotionally attached to all of the characters I like. 

So first, Pernille died. PERNILLE DIED. Oh my god, I thought she would still be in Season 3 because she’s such a good investigator (as well as a good person) unlike that other annoying guy. SHE DID NOT DESERVE TO END THIS WAY. *sob*. I was extremely afraid for her when she was in that bathroom with Viktoria because I knew that she would bleed and spread the virus at any second and she did and infected Pernille. It was… disturbing seeing Viktoria die in such a horribly violent and painful way; I mean she wasn’t exactly my favourite character, but still… sh*t nobody deserves to die that horribly. And after seeing Viktoria die in such a horrible manner, Pernille decided to kill herself rather than suffer. I guess that was a good decision… considering how there was no cure for that mutant virus that Gertrude created. Still, I can’t get over the fact that this awesome character died so unexpectedly!

Next, MARTIN AND SAGA’S FRIENDSHIP DROVE ME INTO CRYING EVEN MORE HYSTERICALLY. When Saga finds out that Martin killed Jens, she wasn’t sure about whether to turn Martin in or not because Martin is HER ONLY FRIEND. *bawls*. In the end, she did decide to turn Martin in because he broke the law after all. I feel extremely bad for Martin. I mean first of all, he did not deserve to lose August (I lost it at the last scene in Öresundsbron where Saga had to confess to Martin that she was too late to save August); and he did not deserve to lose Mette. I mean I don’t blame Mette exactly because it’s been hard for her too, but her confession of not loving Martin anymore just broke him even more. He was so close to finally defeating his demons but his anger consumed him in the end.

One last thing, the cliffhanger. Who the hell was that guy? Does that mean that there is a larger terrorist syndicate that Gertrude was a part of? Will he be in Season 3? I just hope that these lingering questions will be answered before Season 4. I can’t believe the show is going to end at Season 4! But then again, I prefer short shows that continue to have good quality as opposed to shows that go on and on but have declining quality as more seasons go by. 

Although the finale was really painful, I really liked it because it was realistic. It wasn’t some happy ending that’s all too common in a commercial American TV series. I’m so excited for Season 3! I already bought the DVD through Amazon. I couldn’t find the DVD in any of the stores here in Manila; Scandinavian TV shows aren’t exactly popular here, which is why I’m trying to get my Filipino friends to watch them. I plan on watching Borgen Season 2 next, then Sex and the City Season 2. I’m still so far behind on all of my shows hahaha. 

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