ZHA’s Eye-Catching Extension of Antwerp Port House


I am simply in awe of the new look Zaha Hadid Architects gave the Port House. I love these designs which blend together the old historical design of the past and the modern contemporary design of the present. I’m pretty sure many would disagree with me, but I honestly think it looks stunning! I love the way the asymmetrical glass and concrete extension juxtaposes the clean and the rather symmetrical main building.

It definitely is eye catching from afar, and most probably an eyesore for some. According to ZHA, it’s supposed to be “Like the bow of a ship, the new extension points towards the Scheldt, connecting the building with the river on which Antwerp was founded,”. Modern architecture is never really everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a rather interesting addition to the skyline in my opinion. I’ve never actually been to the Port House when I visited Antwerp 2 years ago, in fact I never actually got to explore that area where the building is located. 

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I love the interiors as well. It’s so typically Zaha with the white surfaces and the geometrical angles. I wonder what it’s like to climb up to the top? It would be cool if visitors are allowed to enter, I’d love to go inside. 

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I’m not exactly an architecture connoisseur, but I’m not afraid to say that I like it. I generally like Zaha Hadid’s designs, but it’s too bad I never really got to see any in real life. The closest I got to one was seeing her building in Beijing from afar on my way to the airport. This gives me another reason to come back to Antwerp once more! 

Photos courtesy of:

Wallpaper Magazine 




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