My Favourite Department Store in the World: Le Bon Marché


When I was in Paris back in 2014, I spent a whole afternoon aimlessly walking around Saint-Germain-des-Prés when I stumbled upon this amazing department store, which until now, I consider as my favourite department store I’ve ever been to. This department store is Le Bon Marché, the oldest in the world.

It was the first department store in the world opened in 1852, and it was designed by the architect Louis-Charles Boileau and built by the engineer Gustave Eiffel.  It continues to bear the classic design that made this department store so iconic, while at the same time modernising its facilities and constantly featuring new, innovative designers. It is currently owned by LVMH.

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I’ve been to many of the major department stores in the world such as Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys, but Le Bon Marché stands out because it has character. No other department store in the world has the same unique architecture that makes it unique compared to all of the others (other than Dover Street Market). They also have a really great selection of designer items, carrying classic ones (although you can find those in every department stores) and other less popular ones, like Iris Van Herpen, which you can’t really find in anywhere else. 

I’m a big fan of Iris so I was quite disappointed that I missed the installation of her clothes during the same year.


They also had this really awesome installation earlier this year by Ai Weiwei, another artist that I love. They had him design and create these beautiful sculptures out of silk and wood that were hung from the ceiling of the building.  


One major reason to love Le Bon Marché as well is it’s amazing food court. Also my favourite supermarket in the world! La Grande Épicerie de Paris. It’s the building next to the main building of the department store, you definitely can’t miss it (and you wouldn’t want to!). 

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When I went to the supermarket, I didn’t exactly get to buy anything because it was quite expensive and I already spent over my budget. The selection of cheese, breads, and pastries are amazing.

Sleek design plus a wonderful selection of food. Le Bon Marché is almost like heaven to me. A heaven for foodies and fashionistas alike! Especially those with exquisite and expensive tastes hahaha.

Bonus: they use Aesop hand cream and hand wash in their water closets! 

*P.S. I didn’t use my own photographs for this one because unfortunately, all of my pictures from my trips to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, New York, and Washington DC got deleted when my old laptop crashed two years ago.

Le Bon Marché is located in 24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris, France

Photos courtesy of:


Iris Van Herpen 

Wallpaper Magazine

Le Magazine de Le Bon Marché



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