The Gentlewoman F/W 2016

Although I haven’t read any of her books yet (therefore I can’t really consider myself an actual fan), I’m absolutely in love with this cover! Not only with Zadie being the cover star, but for the other elements of the photograph as well like the photography (I’m kind of a fan of Inez & Vinoodh as well), the makeup, and the styling (does anybody happen to know what she’s wearing?).

But anyway, that’s besides the point of why I’m writing this blog post. I’m just really happy that somebody who isn’t in the entertainment or fashion industry is being appreciated and put on the cover of a magazine! Although I’m typically a fashion magazine purist who still prefers (good) models being on the cover of magazines, I don’t really mind seeing non-models being on the cover, given two conditions. First, that it’s well executed; second, that the person on the cover is talented. God knows how rare it is to find a fashion magazine cover that follow those two criteria (especially the second!) these days…

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The accompanying editorial  

This is the kind of people the fashion industry should celebrate! Talented people, rather than reality tv-stars-cum-social media celebrities that the fashion industry is crazy about these days. Not to mention people who aren’t Caucasian for once.

I really feel like theres a lack of appreciation from the fashion industry of talented people who aren’t generally “famous”. I do still prefer (good) models on the cover, but if the magazine really does want to put somebody else, can it be a person other than a famous celebrity? In the case of The Gentlewoman, why not put an author on the cover for once, or a doctor, a lawyer, a humanitarian, or even a fashion designer or a film director. What I really appreciate about The Gentlewoman is that they’re open minded to putting these people on their covers (like their glorious covers of Phoebe Philo and Vivienne Westwood). Another one of my favourite fashion magazine covers that doesn’t have a “famous” person on it is Vogue Italia’s July 1998 issue with artist Elizabeth Peyton on the cover.

Hopefully we’ll see a change in the future. Either more talented people from different fields on the cover of fashion magazines, or back to good models like in the past. Just no more talentless hacks please!

Photos courtesy of The Gentlewoman and The Fashion Spot


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