Help! Yoga is Breaking Me Out!


Photo by Irving Penn for American Vogue May 2002

I really have learned my lesson now to wash my face after yoga all the time. Last week, I noticed that my skin has been breaking out more than usual. I usually have clear skin, but last week, my forehead was suddenly covered up with pimples, and I got three of those disgusting, red pimples on my face. This was extremely unusual, since I’m not really prone to major breakouts, and I have a very good and consistent skin care routine. I’m into skincare and I do care about how my skin looks, but I never really was the type of person to wash my face right after yoga, especially if it’s afternoon yoga. I didn’t use facial wipes either, I always found them too expensive and quite wasteful. If it’s morning yoga, I usually just shower afterwards so I use my cleanser and get my face cleaned afterwards.

As you know, I do ashtanga yoga, which means yoga 6 days a week, and many asanas involve making your chin touch the ground (or your knee) or having your hands touch your face. Yes, I know, t’s pretty disgusting, especially knowing how dirty yoga mats can be. I always tried to refrain from making my face touch anything as much as possible, but some asanas just call for it so you can’t exactly avoid it. 

Another factor that has been giving me breakouts is probably my headband. My hair is short, but I sweat a lot and I wear contact lenses, so I wear a headband to prevent sweat from getting into my eyes (and it does help). I always wash my headband with soap and water after my practice to make sure it’s clean, but I think my pores get clogged during my practice, due to my sweat; and I failed to clean my face well afterwards. Not to mention how oily my skin is… It just makes everything worse. I do have a daily morning and night routine, but I began adding my daily routine with my “post-yoga” skincare routine during the afternoons which involves a cleanser, anti-pimple gel, and light moisturiser.

The only skincare brand I use is VMV Hypoallergenics (which is a Filipino brand, and is now available in the Scandinavian region as well yay!). I’ll write about my love for the brand some other time. 

First I wash with the the Spring Cleaning Purifying Facial Wash which is for oily skin.


Then I spot-treat my pimples with the Id Monolaurin Gel which has monolaurin, an antibacterial agent from coconuts, and it’s very mild and gentle unlike other common anti-acne ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, but more effective. 


Then just a light dollop of the Spring Fresh Oil-Free Nourisher which is the moisturiser for oily skin.


So far so good! My pimples have cleared up dramatically, although not entirely gone. The three red pimples have disappeared now thank goodness! The Id Monolaurin Gel has always been my miracle worker in my skincare routine, but I needed it now more than ever. I also love how VMV puts monolaurin on their other products as well, like their moisturisers, so it helps in clearing up skin as well (without the irritating ingredients). Also, I finally managed to book a facial in their wonderful spa in Legaspi Village on October, so hopefully my skin can go back to normal soon. 

For those back in Sweden, you can buy their products at and while those in Switzerland can buy them at

Photos courtesy of Vogue and VMV Hypoallergenics.


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